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7 Collar Sizes
Fitting Jack Russells to Mastiffs
Pounds Kilograms Head Size
Small Average Large
up to 15lbs up to 7kg 12″ 12″ 12″
16-35lbs 7-16kg 14″ 14″ 14″
36-55lbs 16-25kg 16″ 16″ 18″
56-75lbs 25-34kg 18″ 18″ 20″
76-95lbs 34-43kg 20″ 20″ 22″
96-115lbs 43-52kg 22″ 22″ 24″
116+lbs 52+kg 24″ 24″ 24″

Order Power Steering Wade Collar
Trying to get your dog’s attention around distractions can sometimes be like trying to teach an child geometry at the entrance way to Disneyland. Leash pulling can be hard on both a dog and a dog owner’s body. If you’re tired of coming home from your walks with one of your arms longer than the other, try a WadeCollar.
The idea behind the WadeCollar – Power Steering Dog Training Collar is very simple, the higher you can keep a dog’s collar the more useful it is in controlling the dog’s head. If you can control the direction of the head then you’ve got control of the body and once you’ve accomplished that you can start working with your dog’s brain to tap into both your dog’s intelligence and desire to please.
The WadeCollar – Power Steering Dog Training Collar is mastiff strong, light weight, low profile, dogs don’t mind wearing them, and they’re easy to put on and take off.
The WadeCollar is used by dog owners, dog trainers, veterinarians, by police officers, animal control officers, at humane societies, animal controls and rescues. If you would like to start coming back from your walks with both of your arms still the same length, order your WadeCollar now.

Order Power Steering Wade Collar
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